Native American Advisory Committee

It is the goal of the NAAC to turn stewardship of the land rematriation over to the inter-tribal community of metro-Detroit. As part of this bridging process, the NAAC is made up of representatives from Oakland University and community representatives in order to learn from one another and create new pathways for right relations in land rematriation on university campuses.

Oakland University’s Land Acknowledgement Statement can be found here.

Community Representatives

Community representatives will be invited to the NAAC following the completion of engagement education for NAAC members and successful fundraising for stipends for community representatives.

Oakland University Representatives

  • Megan Peiser (Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Committee Co-chair, Assistant Professor of English, Land Acknowledgment Committee)
  • Andrea Knutson (Committee Co-chair, Associate Professor, English, Land Acknowledgment Committee)
  • Amy Banes-Berceli (Interim Associate Provost, Operations)
  • Ashleigh Dubie (Cherokee, International Academy Instructor, Land Acknowledgment Committee)
  • Mozghon Rajaee (Associate Professor, Dept. of Public Environmental Wellness, Land Acknowledgment Committee)
  • Mary Jamieson (Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences)
  • Graeme Harper (Dean, Honors College)
  • Elizabeth Wallis (Cherokee, Associate Dean, University Libraries)
  • Doug LaLone (Director of Facility Services)
  • Noelle Mongene (Anishinaabe, Graduate Student at OU)
  • Nathan Dieck (Cherokee, Native American Student Group at OU representative)
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