Gidinawemaaganinaanig: Endazhigiyang

All My Relations: The Place Where We All Grow

A land rematriation beginning on the campus of Oakland University in what is currently Rochester, Michigan.

Community Centered

This is the community home-page and blog for Gidinawemaaganinaanig: Endazhigiyang. This land was declared an Anishinaabe Heritage Site in 2022, to be used by the Indigenous people of the inter-tribal community of Detroit. On this page the community will post updates about returning this land to itself and its original stewards, events related to the land, and the journey of ensuring that Oakland University’s Land Acknowledgement is one of action and trust

You can reach us via email a gitigan at oakland dot edu.

Pronunciation for “Gidinawemaaganinaanig: Endazhigiyang” (provided by Jud Sojourn)

Press play to hear the pronunciation for Gidinawemaaganinaanig: Endazhigiyang

Artwork by Sophia Williams, OU student, 2021


You can give to the Oakland University Native American Advisory Committee Gift Fund by following the link below and selecting Designations>Gift of your Choice> and then searching Fund “30331” or “Native American Advisory Committee”.


Monies from this fund will be used to support land-based initiatives led by the inter-tribal Indigenous community of metro-Detroit. Examples include but are not limited to: planting/gardening supplies, honorariums for Indigenous knowledge-keepers to share wisdom/teach, a sign marking the land-space on campus, funding Indigenous artists working in/with the land, reimbursing gas for knowledge-keepers who travel from afar, supplies for cultural events and ceremonies, etc.

Current Fund-Raising Goals:

  • art design for sign marking the land (by Anishinaabe artist)
  • production costs of sign to mark the land
  • compensation for Indigenous chefs & food-growers for contributions to campus Native American Heritage Month feast
  • honorariums for land-consultations with local Indigenous seed-keepers

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